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Discover teff...

Come journey with us to our homeland of Ethiopia, and explore the cultural flavors and unique benefits of our beloved cuisine.  Sit at our table and you will find a plethora of delights.  

Foundational at every meal is the gluten-free lovegrass teff, the delicious, tiny yet mighty, ancient super grain of Ethiopia with a subtle earthy, nutty flavor.  It is usually eaten as the delicious fermented spongy injera flatbread for millennia!  

Until now.


...the great-tasting, all-natural, all-purpose tortilla chips!  Go ahead, taste the teff! Grab a pack or two, a bit of love just for you!

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We're on a mission to share the love... the ancient gluten-free lovegrass teff, in food products that can be enjoyed beyond borders in everyday lives! 

Mebrat had a dream -- a God-inspired idea to make better-for-you products from teff, the beloved grain of her youth. Months of R&D in her home kitchen birth a delicious teff cracker, which soon evolved. With help from family friend Janis, they developed and brought to market the first tortilla chips made from teff, The Original Teff Chips, at SoCal Whole Foods Markets and local stores! And the rest is history.

We support the indigenous farmers and women of Ethiopia who keep teff alive.

Ethiopia has been called the "land of origins."  appropriately, the tiny yet mighty teff grain is one of its national treasures, having originated there between 4000 bc and 1000 bc. 
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What is teff?

It's a love gift to the world! Teff (a lovegrass, also known as Eragrostis tef, native to Ethiopia) is arguably the world's tiniest, mightiest grain -- it's the ancient staple grain eaten daily by Ethiopians for millennia (it is said to have originated there between 4,000 BC and 1,000 BC), and the fuel credited by the world's greatest distance runners! A "win-win food".

Uncooked teff grain in a bowl with a spo


Teff rivals other gluten-free whole grains in taste, texture and health benefits; and is touted by celebrity doctors as a go-to gluten alternative. It's rich in fiber, protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals -- it has more Vitamin C and calcium than most grains. Teff "has 50% more protein, 5 times the fiber, and 25 times more calcium than brown rice." 

Traditional Ethiopian Food, Several type

Protein and fiber.

It's estimated Ethiopians get "about 2/3 of their dietary protein from teff" (usually eaten as injera, an edible plate). Teff contains albumins, the primary protein in blood plasma -- a good alternative to eggs for vegans. Teff is mainly resistant starch,"a newly-discovered dietary fiber that can benefit blood-sugar management, weight control, and colon health."

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What is teff?
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